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May 2, 2001 at 11 AM

On the heels of what

On the heels of what I wrote a few days ago about high-horse consumer criticism, I just read a damning review of a recent Frontline documentary, “The Merchants of Cool,” the title of which sounds like it was ripped straight out of Adbusters.

I haven’t seen the show in question (so I shouldn’t comment), but I applaud others willing to critically question the platitudes and air of self-righteousness that — in my opinion — denigrate the field of cultural studies.

It reminds me of that scene in Michael Moore’s The Big One, in which Moore interviews Nike CEO Phil Knight, basically in an effort to humiliate him on camera. Maybe Nike deserves a little humiliation now and then, but that doesn’t make it any prettier.

If the goal of the exercise is to change the world — and the culture jammers do seem to suggest that course — then would it not make sense to work on those who haven’t been convinced? Self-righteousness and arrogance aren’t usually the tools for that.



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