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May 7, 2001 at 3 PM

Walked into a magazine store

Walked into a magazine store yesterday. One expects a magazine store to be a fairly docile place — well, notwithstanding the shrapnels of cleavage flying off of every cover. Nevertheless, magazine stores are not supposed to strike fear into the hearts of brave men and women.

Not to be too curmudgeonly, we must point out that, to its credit, mary-kateandashley magazine features an empowering article on women who could become president and this, um, empowering warning. Nevermind that its beside photos of the Ashley devi...I mean, twins, dolled up in make-up, with sultry expressions. Nevermind that the magazine is about 90% cosmetics ads. Oops. We tried to not be curmudgeonly. We really did.



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