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May 18, 2001 at 10 AM

The great abortion debate is

The great abortion debate is not one I get into very often. It’s divisive and seemingly irreconcilable. Nevertheless, and regardless of how I feel morally about abortion, I consider it important that the option remain legal. I believe women will have abortions in any case, and I would prefer that they occur in a safe environment, and not in the offices of the Dr. Nick Rivieras of the world. I consider quite fortunate the noticeable tranquility on the matter in Canada, especially compared to the USA.

In what promises to be an electric can opener of a story, a pregnant woman in South Carolina was sentenced to 12 years for homicide after her use of crack cocaine led to the death of her fetus, just weeks shy of labour. A good discussion has developed at Plastic on what sort of implications this might have for the endless debate.



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