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April 6, 2001 at 12 PM

All rise for The First

All rise for The First Annual New York University Neal Pollack Chair In American Literature Lecture.

For those not in the know (how terribly gauche, but we aren't all perfect), Neal Pollack is "the Greatest Living American Writer." Don't be put off by his awe-inspiring charm or devilish good looks; this man has things to say. Words. Phrases. Whole sentences even! You may recognize Mr. Pollack from such books as The Neal Pollack Anthology of Literature, one of the finest works of social commentary I've read. And how does he do it? Well, just try this stunning passage:

Literature and I met at a pool hall on the Lower East Side, a place named for a famous painter who is now dead. It was hanging out with its friends art and music, and I was hanging out with Benicio del Toro and Derek Jeter. Our eyes locked immediately.

"So," said literature, "what have you been reading?"

"I've been reading you all my life," I said.



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