Over There (in the UK)

April 18, 2001 at 2 PM

Rabbi Phunkiewsky’s School of New

Rabbi Phunkiewsky’s School of New Communication doesn’t seem to serve any particular purpose, but we think mindless, random entertainment, especially when based on sound, is just dandy anyway.

The sounds in the, uh, school, remind me of the ancient classic Dark Castle, a 1987 video game whose most endearing feature was probably the goofy sound effects that anyone who has used a Macintosh can imitate on command (whoah, whooa, mmmbrhbrh is about the best I can do off the keyboard). The original was classic Mac black and white, but a few years ago a company called Delta Tao released a full-colour version. But they didn’t touch the sound.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, but someone has gone and made Return to Dark Castle. Oddly enough it’s actually the second sequel — there was Beyond Dark Castle, a game that has pretty much disappeared into the void of obsolesence. The new one is only in beta, for the moment, and it is, of course, only Mac. But hey, there’s gotta be at least one reason to buy one of these things, right?



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