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April 24, 2001 at 3 PM

A real show-stopper over at

A real show-stopper over at the British Columbia New Democratic Party web site, as Left Coasties wind up for what is sure to be nothing short of a blood bath. Sensing defeat, the NDP is obviously taking the high ground by focusing on their core themes of stronger health care, education, wait! Sorry, wrong province.

Sensing defeat, the NDP has decided to go out in an inferno of paranoid, scare-mongering rhetoric. Besides the macabre illustrations above, allow me to point out today’s top, ahem, news items from the NDP web site:

Campbell’s plan — lots of promises, few funding solutions: Gambles health funding on success of reckless tax cut

Farrell-Collins runs from his tax cut record: Liberal tax cuts mean big bucks for the wealthy, pennies for you and me

Campbell’s Tax Cut Plan: Dramatic only for the rich

Corporate backers win big with Campbell tax cut: Corporate Tax Cuts Total $1.36 billion

Campbell’s dramatic tax cuts mean dramatic revenue losses

Preaching to the choir, I suppose. In truth, I will be sorry to see my home province come under the thumb of an unabashedly right-wing party. if only because said party leader Gordon Campbell is such a smug little so and so.



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