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March 1, 2001 at 9 AM

The always knee-slapping Lileks exposes

The always knee-slapping Lileks exposes the horrors of the 1970s.

I think he sums it up nicely in the introduction:

This site is a labor of hate. A hate that burns like your knees burn after you’ve slid a yard on a harsh synthetic rug. A hate I’ve nourished and stoked for decades. I came of age in the 70s, and there were few crueler things you could inflict on a person. The music: bad. The culture: dreck. The politics: miserable. The world: nasty. Hair: unspeakable. Architecture: the worst it had ever been in human history. No oil. No fun. Syphilis and Fonzie. Yes, there was Charlie’s Angels, but Charlie’s Angels was stupid.

Yikes. Don't forget the rose-coloured glasses to mask the stain of avocado and canary yellow.



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