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February 21, 2001 at 9 AM

Apparently Famous Players was watching

Apparently Famous Players was watching that episode of 22 Minutes, because when I went to see O Brother, Where Art Thou? last night, there were (drum roll please)... no ads!

Sadly, ads or not, the film kinda stank. Those Coen brothers were never ones for shades of subtlety, but this film is coloured in Lite-Brite and Magic Markers. It has its amusing moments, and a wonderful soundtrack, but all in all, it's mostly just a silly story with a lot of in-your-face action and getting-what's-coming character development. "SEE, SEE, ISN'T THAT IRONIC HUMOUR? HAH HAH HAH!" says the film.

And Golden Globes notwithstanding, George Clooney and his here today, gone in 5 minutes, southern accent are grating.



Okay, I'll stop now.



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