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January 4, 2001 at 5 PM

I’m back in Montreal, and

I'm back in Montreal, and it's deliciously cold and well-covered in white stuff. A new year, a new link...

Gorbachev takes Bush to school in an article (originally from the Washington Post) from the International Herald Tribune.

Mr. Gorbachev, an international statesman if there ever was one, explains exactly what is wrong with American foreign policy (and, one might add, domestic policy). The title pretty much sums up the issue: the world does not want to be American. Gorbachev rightly suggests that Americans enjoy "extraordinary" comfort (which is not to say that most Canadians or Western Europeans don't) and wealth. This might seem like an obvious statement, but it strikes me that it is one many Westerners do not appreciate. As we bicker for lower taxes and cheaper gasoline, it's easy to forget that, compared to 90% of the world, our lives are incomparably priveleged. Meanwhile, the US fights a Cold War that ended 10 years ago, putting it at odds with the rest of the world's states, including other Western nations. The American government acts to preserve its own interests, not as a world leader.

It's worth a read if you take an interest in what effect George W. and his Republican establishment cronies will have on the lives of the world's citizens in the next four years.

It's also worth a read because the IHT web site is a treat to use. Elegant and unique navigation accompanies a breathe-easy look and feel. Uniqueness isn't always a good thing in web sites, but this site sets a new standard for presentation of news. The "clipping" system is ingenious, and the way articles seamlessly wrap into columns, without scrolling off the page, is, well, perfect. And it's a part of a complete nutritious breakfast of news — it's good not to get all your news from one source.



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