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January 30, 2001 at 12 PM

Although the throngs of adoring

Although the throngs of adoring e-mails doubtless got caught up in the Internet void, I have no doubt my adoring fans (all, what, 12 of you?) have wondered where I've been the last week, other than conspicuously absent from posting blog entries.

Well, we put up the new Concordia web site last week. I was never the best swimmer and I have struggled mightily to stay atop of the undertow of e-mails that have since graced my inbox from hundreds of Concordia students, potential Concordia students, staff, ex-staff, faculty, alumni and the generally faceless crowd of People Who Give a Damn.

But hey. It's nice to know that your work actually affects people's lives. And for the most part, the response has been positive, owing largely (methinks) to the fact that the new site replaces the old site, an undeniably hideous monstrosity of a site if ever there was one. It has that oh-so-1996 appearance about it, hearkening back to a day of "Gee whiz, Clarissa, this Internet thang shor is nifty." Web sites have progressed since then. They need not have to have all their text aligned in the center, screaming down an endless page in all their 12 point, Times New Roman glory.

The new site isn't the most exciting thing I've ever designed. But this is a university, after all. Mustn't rock the boat too much, or it will tip over from the uneven weight of bureaucracy. That means conservative colours (helllllllo blue and white!), a decorum's worth of images, and (hopefully) simple (to the user anyhow) navigation. In truth, the site, although seemingly organized, is a grand messy affair of interlinking files that reference each other, dynamic content and precarious page layouts. THERE! The truth revealed. I have new appreciation for anyone who works on, say, IBM's web site, and has to figure out just how a corporation that does THAT much can possibly present everything in a neat, orderly, 12-little-girls-in-two-straight-lines fashion.




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