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November 2, 2000 at 4 PM

Living in a radio black

Living in a radio black hole as I do, sometimes the world pulls a fast one. Like U2's new album for instance... All That You Can't Leave Behind came out on Tuesday, and, despite my previous thoughts on Napster, I rushed out and bought it today. No, it's no War or Joshua Tree. But after a few spins through the CD player, I will give it a hearty thumbs up. The first single, "Beautiful Day," which you might've heard if you ever listen to commercial radio, has all the trappings of a classic U2 smash. A catchy tune, delectable riffs by Edge and lyrics empowered by emotion as only Bono can sing them.

And after a decade of head-scratching album titles (do you know what the heck "zooropa" means?), I'm pleased to see an album title that is self-explanatory. U2 have a memory, it seems, and this is a return to their former glory.

If some of it sounds familiar, it should. Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois have returned to help out U2. The two were behind the scenes for U2's break-out Unforgettable Fire and later for Joshua Tree. Sure enough, the new album bears these fingerprints: rich, multilayered sound, hyper-real harmonies, soaring melodies. Good stuff.



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