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November 10, 2000 at 1 AM

Flipping a Coin:There is no

Flipping a Coin:

There is no clear mandate, they said, voters can't make up their minds, they said, voters are sending vague and confusing messages, they said. The thought never seemed to occur to them: Both these candidates suck. When you give the American public two equally undesirable candidates, it is only reasonable to expect their votes to split equally.

For all the talk of Ralph Nader spoiling Al Gore's chances, it now looks like Nader's votes affected the results in only one state. One out of fifty. In the other forty-nine, Gore either eked out a victory, or Bush's victory was large enough that Nader's votes wouldn't have made a difference. So I would have trouble blaming Nader if Bush ultimately wins, save for one problem: the one state where Nader votes made a difference. Yep, you guessed it. Florida.


What is the chance of flipping a coin 50 times and landing on the same side?

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