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November 13, 2000 at 4 PM

Well, just in case you

Well, just in case you thought I was totally obsessed with the American election (and you wouldn't necessarily be wrong), I will turn my attention to a different topic today...

...the Canadian election. [a chorus of yawns erupts from audience] No, really though. I'm encouraged to see a new poll which suggests Canadian voters might finally be noticing the problems inherent in an elected dictator like Jean Chrétien. Liberal support has fallen after the usually inept Chrétien offered a predictably poor performance in the recent English-language debates (Mr. Chrétien's performance was slightly better in the French debates, although no one thinks he speaks that language so well either).

As I rack my brain trying to decide on which party and which candidate deserves my vote, I only know I can't vote for the Liberals. What Canada really needs, and just might get if the Liberals continue falling, is a minority government. It's the only equivalent a parliamentary system has to the valuable "checks and balances" of a republican American-style system. I don't like the Alliance or the Tories, and I have little faith in the NDP. But any of them would provide a valuable service as a watch-dog in a coalition government. Billion-dollar boondoggles and dictatorial policy decisions with no input from back-bencher MPs could be a thing of the past.

I encourage Canadians to vote in the election, and I encourage them to vote for anyone but the Liberals. The Liberals will still win the most seats; that is all but guaranteed...but with a little jolt from the voters, they might actually have to govern with a conscience.



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