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November 23, 2000 at 1 PM

Ah, Ikea. Affordable taste, as

Ah, Ikea. Affordable taste, as long as you don't mind sharing it. Home of banal, ubiquitous furniture.

Today in Salon, Alan Deutschman decides that Ikea is actually the triumph of socialism in America. Furniture buyers of the world, unite!

There appear to be no salespeople; that demeaningly servile position -- a relic from the era of class exploitation -- has been eliminated.... When we wheel the bookcases out of the warehouse, we see the checkout lines. No sight could be more daunting. The lines for bread in Moscow in the '70s must have been shorter and moved faster.
Yes, I too am one of the slaving masses, and my apartment is full of shelves and tables for the common man.



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