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October 12, 2000 at 5 PM

I function fairly well in

I function fairly well in the capitalist society, it seems. I earn a decent living making web sites both for other people's profit and for the good of an educational organization. I often buy clothes that are too expensive, purchase music distributed by the major labels, and attend—even enjoy—Hollywood blockbuster films. Lately, thanks in part to the wise words of some of my friends, I've been thinking about what I might do to advance some of the less-capitalist philosophies that I subscribe to (in principal anyhow).

No, I don't believe in the workers' revolution, but I do like the idea of socialism. Unfortunately, it seems I've all but accepted that it cannot function in greedy Western society.

While I'm still planning and scheming my own plan of action, the venerable Adbusters continues its usual calls to action. Corporate Crackdown is one such call, and while I don't agree with everything said, it is at least informative. Too often Adbusters succumb to style over substance (ironic, really!), but this feature on their web site has some meat—er, soy-based meat substitute—behind it.



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