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October 17, 2000 at 10 AM

Well, it’s another chilly morning

Well, it's another chilly morning in Montreal today, so I turn my attention to that most chilly of professional sports.

Ian MacIntyre, from this morning's Vancouver Sun:

Considering the Canucks have already beaten alleged contenders in the Maple Leafs, Florida Panthers and Buffalo Sabres, the question seems not whether Vancouver can meet projections and play .500 hockey this season, but whether they've been underestimated.

Do Vancouver sportswriters learn nothing? Yes, the Canucks have been impressive the last two or three games. The win against Toronto last night sounded decisive, and victories against the Maple Leaves are always extra-satisfying. But! Call me cynical — call me a Canucks fan — but every time the Canucks win a couple games, the sports media seem over eager to be the first back on the bandwagon. Do they get paid by Canuck management to write this stuff?

Yes, maybe if we bitter Canucks fans actually expected our team to win, they would. But experience suggests this principle does not apply to the sportswriters. Everytime people like MacIntyre start saying things like "they've been underestimated," the Canucks go into a predictable tailspin and lose 4 straight. Often in an ugly way. To teams from places like Nashville.

On the plus about those twins, eh?



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