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October 18, 2000 at 10 AM

Today’s Life as a Loser

Today's Life as a Loser column ("an excruciatingly long series") in Ironminds, entitled, "Going to Work," looks at the problems recent college grads (hey, ain't I one of those?) face in mustering motivation for the real world. Especially given the slack-ass way we got through our illustrious sounding "Post-Secondary Education."

Is this a generational thing? Well work hard if we have to, but, all in all, wed just as soon merely kind of mill around aimlessly, musing on existence, love and chicken broth?

Without incriminating myself too much, I will nonetheless heartily acknowledge the temptation I often feel to do not much of anything at all. And that although I handed my essays in on time, it was sometimes — gasp — after expending only a minimum of effort.

Oh what plans have I laid out for myself, only to see them snuggled peacefully under the covers as I fail, once again, to summon up the will to see them through. This site for example (oops, there goes the incrimination).

So. Mom? Dad? Grandpa? What's the secret? When do I start showing up to work too early "to get more done" and coming home "after I finish everything up?"



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