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October 31, 2000 at 3 PM

The Napster debate continues with

The Napster debate continues with a new study that links Napster and decreased music purchasing.

In the past I have scoffed at suggestions that Napster users like myself stop buying CDs. I still buy music that I like, but that said, I have always been reluctant to buy music without hearing it first. If anything, Napster has allowed me to find music that I wouldn't normally find and listen to it, and make my decision as to whether it's worth the money.

Where the grey area creeps in is in the fact that I don't find too much that is worth the money. But is it my fault the music industry churns out so much crap? The study above also notes one practice that strikes a chord with my own habits: people who visit online music retailers, not to buy music, but to find information about artists whose music they then "pirate."

I frequent CDNOW, but have never bought a single thing from it. Rather I use it to find song and album titles and read its well-written reviews. Then I go find the music with Napster.

And, to play my own devil's advocate here, I have lately been reticent to fork out $20+ for a CD. The price of music has crept up in Canada (perhaps thanks to our feeble dollar) to the point where it seems unreasonable. Trying to find the music I would like to buy at second-hand shops has proved largely fruitless.

I can only conclude that my taste in music is so good that no one could possibly re-sell those CDs. Yep, that must be it.

Oh and one last thing before you go, sir. The Mac version of Napster, né "Macster," has been upgraded and re-released as an official Napster product. And may I add, since I use both, that the Mac version kicks the Windows version's butt.



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