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September 20, 2000 at 9 PM

Canadian Finance Minister Paul Martin

Canadian Finance Minister Paul Martin announced a $12 billion surplus for the last "fiscal year." I've always wondered why accountants follow their own calendar--didn't they hear we've been on the Julian system for quite sometime now? Anyhow, I'll bet you're wondering just how much $12 billion is. Actually $12.3 billion, but who's really counting. Another thought for you: if they said $12.32 billion, I don't think anyone would notice, and yet that's still a difference of $20 million dollars.

So, how much is $12.3 billion, then? Well, apparently it's enough to send 3,617,647 kids to college. Or we could buy 4% of Nortel. Which is really the better investment? Will that sociology degree really make anyone more money than a few shares in a $300 billion company?

CBC offers this handy guide to what else one might do with the money.



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