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September 20, 2000 at 11 AM

Good morning. Yep, it’s been

Good morning. Yep, it's been a few days since my last thought, which is not to suggest that I haven't been thinking, but rather that I've been thinking about things other than interesting sites on the Web. In that spirit, I turn my attention to that most-maligned medium of television.

To say there's an awful lot of bad TV out there--and I do mean awful--is hardly worth the taps on the keyboard. But the upshot of that is when a good series comes along, it is likely to seem particularly excellent, even if only by comparison. The Sopranos is that series. It's been running for two years on HBO in the USA, but here in Canada, CTV has only just started running the series.

Sure, there's rampant swearing, gratuitous nudity (numerous scenes take place in a strip club) and worrisomely excessive violence. So whaddya fuckin' expect? It's about the mob. And as my roommate remarked, it's a bit like watching a movie. This is, as they say, a Good Thing.

Besides this, the Sopranos features snappy dialogue and witty characters, made eerily real by some stellar acting. Yes, this is probably what life by the New Jersey Turnpike is like. Okay, maybe the Don isn't in therapy, taking Prozac. But hey, the garbage business is stressful, kapiche?

The Sopranos runs every night for two weeks at 10pm on CTV--so you can catch up.



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