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September 27, 2000 at 9 AM

Well, I still go to

Well, I still go to the bathroom if I need to—honest—but scientists think they can explain why men pout while women let it out after a verbal scrap.

Low levels of oxytocin, according to the study, explains why my boyfriend spends hours in his "music room" strumming the guitar when we have a fight, forgoing food and even the bathroom with his torturous pouting.

Of course, relationship troubles can't all be blamed on "oxytocin." We are products of our environment, and many people (just a hunch, but I'm guessing they're women) think male stoicism has traditionally been rewarded in Western culture. Nothing a few years of therapy can't "cure." Now we are looking at the possibility of just popping an oxytocin pill, never mind three years on the therapist's couch.

Although I don't think that hashing out the problem directly is always the best manner of conflict resolution—cooler heads can prevail—the idea of fewer of those post-argument nuclear winters has its merits.



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